Nashville - Drive to the Music

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on March 29, 2019 at 1:38 PM

Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is the 24th most populous city in the United States. Famous for the Grand Ole Opry and the Mother Church of Country Music (The Ryman Auditorium), Nashville is a hub for country music, boasting an exponentially blossoming job market.

Ranked 11th in the best places to live and number seven among the best places to retire by U.S. News, Nashville has a median age of 36.3 years. The average median annual salary is $45,780 with an unemployment rate of just 3.0%, clearly suggesting that Nashville has no shortage of jobs or workers.

The average commute time in Nashville is around a half hour, which is slightly above the national average. More than 90% of residents use cars as their primary mode of transportation, while only 1% relies on the city’s public transit systems. The interstate highways that go through the city offer a hassle-free driving experience.

Mild Temps

Nashville has always been known for its pleasant weather. Never too hot or too cold, the temperature keeps relatively stable all year round. With over 200 days of sunshine in a year, Nashville days are usually picture perfect. Icy roads are common in the winter, so it's best to keep an eye out if you’re driving early in the morning.

Considering the weather average is unwavering and predictable, drivers have little to no complaints about driving in Nashville. People enjoy their driving experience. This is probably why the majority of people in Nashville use cars to travel around town.

Economic Wonderland

More people are flocking to Nashville than ever to take advantage of the job market boom. In a city of almost 667,000 people, Nashville-Davidson has an aggregate household income of $20.6 billion. This shows that working in Nashville is generally very rewarding.

While 91% of Nashville residents drive to work, only 1.8% of them are in the business of professional driving. There's a serious shortage of professional and commercial drivers in Nashville. Companies like Dispatch are capitalizing on this market gap by providing drivers with career opportunities, considerable incomes, and the ability to choose their own hours.

Unique Road System

Nashville has a unique road system compared to its counterparts nationwide. One of six states that hosts an intersection of three major highways, Tennessee’s highways meet in the heart of Nashville. This brings a lot of visitors to the city. Nashville's Interstates are some of the busiest highways in the region and their combined traffic load comes through Nashville, bringing with it economic growth and opportunity.

Nashville is a great place to live and drive, even with its occasional traffic jams. In a city where there aren’t enough professional drivers, the opportunities are endless! 

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