Why Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina

Posted by Alexia Smith on March 8, 2019 at 11:09 AM

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Queen City, is a flourishing metropolitan emerging from the shadows of Atlanta and Charleston with its own unique identity. Ranked number 22 in the best cities to live in by U.S. news, Charlotte has developed its own culture and sophisticated infrastructure.

With the median age at just 34 years and an unemployment rate of 4.2%, the city has a massive workforce that effectively contributes to the economy. The average median household income of $61,017 is also above the country’s average which shows that it’s a great place to live and earn.

The average commute time in Charlotte is around 26.3 minutes. Compared to other metropolitan cities, this is proof that driving in Charlotte is a breeze. The lack of extensive public transport means that most people rely on their own cars or cab services.

Predictable Weather

It is no secret that Charlotte faces annual snow storms but the city’s maintenance teams work round the clock to make sure there are no blockages. The average annual snowfall doesn’t exceed 4 inches at any given time, yet the Charlotte Observer routinely compiles comprehensive public safety measures for driving in the snow.

Wintertime included, Charlotte’s weather is extremely predictable and pleasant – the summers aren’t too hot and the winters not too cold. Driving around in means you don’t need to invest in snow tires or worry about air conditioning.

Surging Economy

The average aggregate household income in Charlotte is approximately $28 billion, a colossal figure for a city of just 850,000 residents. Working in Charlotte allows you to earn enough to a great standard of living. As a professional driver, you could potentially earn over the average median income. About 90% of Charlotte’s residents drive to work or for work, further evidence of the potential for driving careers in Charlotte.

Strategic Geographical Location

Geographically, Charlotte boasts a central location and its close proximity to hubs in the northeast and southeast posits Charlotte as a focal point for transportation and acts as the primary distribution center. I-85 and I-77 are two major interstate highways that intersect directly into the city’s center.

Charlotte also has a beltway (I-485) that encircles the entire city and acts as a ring road around the city, allowing commuters to avoid the downtown rush hour traffic.

Unique Driving Law

North Carolina’s driving laws naturally apply to Charlotte as well. The law has made it illegal to drive below a certain speed in Charlotte. The left lane is for fast drivers and the right lane is for slower vehicles.

Also, learning drivers are not permitted to drive after 9 PM which means you can drive easy during the night. These laws inadvertently act in favor of the nature of the driving profession and the industry.

Overall, driving in Charlotte is very relaxing and easy especially for people looking to drive professionally. There are plenty of opportunities to drive and earn money in Charlotte.

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