Why Drive in Phoenix, AZ

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on July 11, 2019 at 2:34 PM

Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun, is one of the most populated city in the United States. The capital of Arizona is widely known for its rich history and famous auto show scene.

Despite being a big city with thousands of cars on the road, Phoenix retains a relatively smooth driving experience. Almost 88% of people in Phoenix use cars as their primary mode of transportation.

Phoenix has been the go-to city for many people due to its growing job market. Coupled with a relatively lower cost of living and decent weather, Phoenix makes for a great place to live and work!

Driver-Friendly Weather

Phoenix is the heart of Arizona and receives millions of visitors every year. While the city itself is an attraction, the weather is too!

Winter tends to be just cool enough so you can still enjoy the great outdoors. Wildflower and cacti bloom as early as January and summer brings in healthy heat and some monsoon showers.

The annual average temperature ranges around 75°F - which is just about perfect. With this weather and lots of sunshine, many people like driving in Phoenix. This is why Route 66 is so famous - the driver-friendly weather complemented by a classic Arizona backdrop.

Giant Economy

Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the country with an annual aggregate household income of $40.7 billion dollars. The mega-economy of Phoenix is the perfect place to start your professional driving career.

Out of the working population, only 2.1% of people work as professional drivers. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to develop a driving career. On-demand delivery companies, like Dispatch, are actively working to provide people with the opportunity to jump-start their driving careers, work their own hours, and make good income.

Mega Traffic System for a Mega City

Phoenix has one of the largest freeway systems in the U.S. The city's dependency on cars is a result of there not being any proper public transit system until 2008. People are so used to driving cars that many prefer it over other modes of transportation.

There are three major freeways in Phoenix and the inter-city streets are laid in a grid system. The entire road system of Phoenix is designed and operated with traffic efficiency in mind. Professional driving in Phoenix is not a job, it’s a journey. From the roads to weather, Phoenix is the ideal city for a driving career.

So, if you want to start driving at your own convenience and earn good money while advancing your career, sign up to drive with Dispatch today!

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