Company Spotlight: 3D Printing Ally

Posted by Alexia Smith on January 28, 2019 at 1:05 PM

I had the opportunity to connect with Tyler Pope from 3D Printing Ally and learn more about what their business story looks like. It's a pleasure working with companies like 3D Printing Ally and people like Tyler who share our belief of speed to value. Read on to learn more!

-Tell us about 3D Printing Ally. What is it that your company does?

We produce 3D printed parts as a service for companies of all sizes and individuals. 

- How did 3D Printing Ally get started?

A group of us got together around June of 2013, purchased one machine and have grown from there. 

- Who does your staff consist of?

We have a team of 4 in Eden Prairie.

- What is the culture of 3D Printing Ally like?

We hire more on how someone will blend with the rest of the team than experience. Training someone to do a job is a lot easier then training them to fit in.  

- What makes 3D Printing Ally unique, especially for your area?

We focus on providing our customers with a high value service. Superior quality and speed provide that high value.

- What is the long term goal for 3D Printing Ally?

Keep growing and providing great parts to as many local customers as possible. 

- How did you get started at 3D Printing Ally?

I was one of the founding partners in 2013. 

- How did you hear about Dispatch?

Ryan McIntosh reached out and it helped that he is a fellow Kansas City transplant. 

- What was your process for sending and receiving inventory prior to Dispatch?

We used other, traditional courier services but really liked the interface and response time of Dispatch

- Any special instance where Dispatch came through in a pinch or went above and beyond what you expected?

More than once, we set up a shipment and the driver showed up within 5 minutes. It seemed like they were waiting in the parking lot. 

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