Driver Spotlight: Meet Jonika!

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on July 17, 2019 at 1:58 PM

In this Driver Spotlight we introduce you to Jonika, a Charlotte-based driver who's friendly, motivated, and builds great relationships with customers. Read on to learn why she loves the freedom of driving for Dispatch!

-How did you hear about Dispatch? My husband, Eric McKeithan, is a contractor with Dispatch.

-How long have you been driving for Dispatch? Since May 21, 2019.

-What kind of vehicle do you drive? Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.


-Why did you decide that Dispatch was the best job fit for you and your lifestyle? The freedom. I love, love, love the freedom!!

-Tell us your favorite Dispatch story! I arrived at one of our customers, Sherwin-Williams, for a pickup. An employee said, "we have not seen you in awhile, we thought you had quit. We love seeing your smiling face. You always come walking in with a smile." That made me feel really good.

-Why should other people drive for Dispatch? Dispatch is an awesome company to drive for. The employees genuinely care about your well being.

-What’s your favorite thing about being able to set your own hours? I can spend time handling other business as deems necessary. The freedom is rewarding.

-If you could give any advice to other drivers at Dispatch, what would it be? Communication is key. Always communicate.

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