Good Morning, Baltimore!

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on April 26, 2019 at 8:56 AM

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and the birthplace of the "Star Spangled-Banner." Known as Charm City, Baltimore is celebrated in U.S. history and present-day pop culture.

With a median age of 38.2 years and an unemployment rate of 4.2%, Baltimore is a good option for middle-aged professionals. With an average annual salary of $54,920, it's a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Enjoyable Weather

Baltimore boasts a warm and sunny summer, followed by a wet and cold winter. However, the weather is never unbearably hot or cold, as the city's convenient location in the Chesapeake Bay region grants it an average annual temperature of 58 degrees.

Alongside slight temperature variations, Baltimore has its fair share of snow and rain. It's best to be prepared for any weather condition. The mayor’s office is helpful when it comes to planning for such emergencies.

Growing Economy

Did you know that 85% of residents drive as a means of transportation while only 6% rely on public transportation? Despite these figures, the average commute time in Baltimore is around 30.5 minutes, along the lines of the U.S. national average.

Despite many Baltimore residents relying on their own cars to get around, only 2.3% work as professional drivers. In a city as big as Baltimore, there's an ever-growing need for professional drivers. Companies like Dispatch offer people an opportunity to build rewarding driving careers.

Driving Haven

Baltimore’s road system is relatively traditional, but the Baltimore City Department of Transportation is one of the most active in the U.S., as they work to maintain, repair, and develop roads. Keep in mind that you'll have to follow the local driving rules and remember these tips for driving during the winter months.

Baltimore is a wonderful place to start your professional driving career. Companies like Dispatch that provide on-demand delivery services are always looking for top-notch drivers. Sign up with Dispatch and start driving today!

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