What Makes Kansas City A Great Place To Drive

Posted by Alexia Smith on October 23, 2018 at 4:16 PM

Travel and Leisure ranks Kansas City, Missouri at number nine in its list of America’s most underrated cities. The roasted beans from Oddly Correct, the great American barbecue from a gas station, its rich history and culture, all make it the next capital of cool.

Kansas has been a happening city ever since the early 1800s. The buzz in the town was one of the reasons why its counterpart on the other side of the river named itself the same. It tried to cash in on the city’s bustling tourist and industrial vibe, which it successfully did for quite some time.

Kansas City, KS may have confused tourists and businesses for some time, but its namesake in Missouri is still home to most of the downtown attractions. There is more to this. While Kansas state ranks 13th worst in terms of its drivers and overall driving culture, Missouri ranks as the 21st best in the same category. Kansas City, MO definitely has a significant share in this ranking. But what makes it such a great to drive?

Cheaper Gas Prices
According to a comparative analysis by the Tax Foundation published in early 2017, the state of Missouri had lower gas prices than most other states. This was primarily because the state of Missouri had the fourth-lowest gas tax in the country.

At 17.30 cents, the tax rate in Missouri was lower than most of its neighbors including, Kansas (24.03 cents) and Illinois (34.01 cents). Only Oklahoma fared better in neighbors and that too with a small margin. This means that it is cheaper to drive in Kansas City, MO than most other cities in the United States, and who doesn’t love that?

Pleasant Weather
The weather in Kansas, MO remains nice throughout its four seasons. While the weather keeps changing from snowy winters to its humid summers, the mercury hardly touches the extremes.

It’s only for a couple of weeks when the summers or winters would feel harsh, but the average temperature of 53.4 degrees shows that it remains quite pleasant throughout the year. Additionally, the city rarely faces any storms, and therefore, there is no major disruption to commute on most days of the year because of the weather.

Use of Technology
The many drive-in cinemas and restaurants aside, the city of Kansas is making great strides in terms of road technology. An app like ParkMobile helps the locals to spot parking spots in the city, while the Twitter handle of Kansas City Scout updates residents of developing traffic situation on roads.

The road technology, too, is progressing in more than one direction. While all these apps are there to facilitate drivers, there are also apps like Dispatch that help you deliver your packages from one location in the city to another.

So while the city is simply great for driving, there are times when taking out your car just to pick up a package may not be that great of an idea. All you have to do in that case is place an order with Dispatch delivery service, and their nearest driver to your package will pick it up and safely deliver it to you in no time.

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