Why Drive in Tampa, FL

Posted by Kelsie McMahon on June 3, 2019 at 10:33 AM

Tampa, home to renowned Tampa Bay, is a blend of beaches, entertainment centers, diverse cultures, and cruises. Since Tampa is a beach city, many people prefer to drive their own vehicles. This is why 88% of people use cars as their primary means of transportation. With everyone cruising around town, Tampa is a great place to start your professional driving career.

The Sunny City

Tampa is the perfect place for people to get their tan on all year round, as the city is sunny for the better part of the year. With average temps around 73 degrees, the weather tends to be just right. Tampa provides a beach-side driving experience, complete with ocean breezes and coastal views.

Explosive Economy

The Tampa greater metropolitan area is one of the largest in Florida. With a population of almost 377,000 people and an aggregate household income of approximately $12.1 billion, Tampa is an attractive career-building city.

Despite the surging economy and the need for drivers, only 1.4% of the population drives professionally. This relatively small number in an ever-growing city like Tampa has created a demand for professional drivers. This is why companies like Dispatch provide great opportunities for drivers - complete with flexible hours and good pay.

Well-Planned Traffic System

Tampa’s traffic system is vast, running along beaches with several bridges connecting the city to its neighboring counterparts, and the locals understand this unique system and how to optimize travel time. 

Tampa has four major freeways and highways that run through the city. The Lee Roy Selmon Expressway connects South Tampa with Downtown Tampa. The interstate highways serve to not only ease inter-city traffic, but provide smooth traffic flow in and out of the city. 

The general beach vibe of Tampa can be considered a year-round vacation for residents. That may be why many people prefer driving on their own, enjoying the spectacular beach views. Why not start your professional driving career in Tampa? 

We're always looking for sharp and ambitious drivers. So if you’re interested in driving in Tampa, sign up to drive with Dispatch today!

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