Why Drive in Texas

Posted by Alexia Smith on January 10, 2019 at 11:56 AM

The U.S. News ranks Austin, the capital of Texas, as the most desirable American city to live in. Declaring Austin as one of the fastest growing metro areas of the country, the report recognizes the city for its great economy, low taxes, and good weather throughout the year.

Things may vary a little in terms of economy, depending on where you are in the state. However, you will find that most good things about Austin are common throughout the entire state of Texas. With vibrant cities like San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston each boasting their own unique offerings, there are plenty of reasons to drive in and around the beautiful and scenic Lone Star State.

Texas is heralded as a great place to live, drive, and even retire. With a population whose median age is below 35, the state has a huge workforce within its over 28 million residents. This means that if you are a professional or commercial driver, there is a sizeable customer base in need of your services. While this fact alone may be enough to persuade some, here are a few other reasons you may want to drive in Texas.

Adherence to Road Safety

Texas has one of the strictest state laws when it comes to driving. In 2013, the state of Florida alone brought in more than $100 million in road fines, using newly installed “Red-Light Camera” technology. This, and other penalties such as jail terms and fines of up to $2000 for driving under the influence, all help make Texan roads some of the safest to travel on.

This is also the reason why the state has a very low rate of fatal crash incidents, despite over 300,000 miles of road and a population quickly approaching 30 million.

Low State Taxes
Texas has also consistently ranked low in terms of state taxes. This is one of the biggest drivers behind the booming economies of most of its cities. There is a spiral-down effect in place, where low federal duties on gas prices have favorably influenced everything, including the cost of goods.

In contrast to the national average state tax of 31.04 cents on gas prices, in Texas, the state-imposed fuel duty in taxes is 20 cents. Some may disagree, considering that the neighboring states offer even lower prices. However, with other factors taken into account, this is a better deal than many, making driving a vehicle on the Texan roads a convenient and economical experience.

Stable Weather

One of the biggest advantages of owning a car or driving in Texas is that there is absolutely no off-season. While temperatures can peak at uncomfortably high numbers in the summer (when has that ever stopped anyone from driving?),when the rest of the country is facing harsh winters, the weather remains quite temperate and drivable in the Lone Star State.

Taking these points into consideration, if you are earning, or plan to earn, your livelihood through driving, there cannot be a better option – after all, safe predictable weather is a driver’s best friend! 

Although all these factors are great, they don’t necessarily get you employment. In the case of Texas, however, if you are a driver by profession, there are numerous opportunities, like Dispatch, that can help you generate income through your chosen line of work.

An intra-city delivery service, Dispatch helps you deliver your packages from one point in the city to another. Operating in multiple cities throughout the state, including Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, you can easily register with the service online and start your driving career as soon as tomorrow!


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