Why You Should Be A Delivery Driver For Packages Instead of People

Posted by Beret Leone on May 30, 2017 at 9:30 AM




Ah, the ride share service appeal. Don't lie, you've thought about it. It sounds like a great idea to sign up and apply to be an Uber or Lyft driver - flexible hours, you're essentially your own boss, you make money on your own time; etc. But you may have some hesitation for a variety of reasons - you're not a people person, you're worried about the safety factors, or you are the epitome of an introvert and being stuck in a vehicle with strangers sounds like your personal hell no matter what amount of money you'll be making. Here's a compiled list of why you should sign up to be a delivery driver for packages and food instead of for ride share services like Uber or Lyft. You'd be doing essentially the same job with the same perks; with just one small substitution - packages instead of people.


You'll earn 30% MORE!

If you sign up to work for a tech based courier service such as Dispatch, you'll be earning 30% more than you would be driving for other ride share services. For example, if you wanted to earn 50K a year, you'd need to perform 60 rides per week for Uber, 85 rides per week for Lyft, but only 40 rides per week with Dispatch. You get more bang for your buck delivering packages.




If you're a young female, you're probably hesitant to be a driver for Uber and Lyft. You'll never know who will show up to hop in your car. People are unpredictable, packages aren't. Secure your safety and make money!



Cut out the drunkies

If you're currently an Uber or Lyft driver, you've come to realize that most of your passengers will be coming from a night out on the town. Keep you and your car out of trouble... and puke.



No awkward small talk

If you work for a ride share service, you've probably had some awkward or weird interactions with the people you're hauling around. By delivering packages instead, cut out those uncomfortable chats.

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More FUN!

Who's in charge of the AUX cord - that's right, YOU! So, turn on that fire playlist and feel unashamed jammin' out to Selena Gomez. Who's going to judge you? The package? Pssh.

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Convinced to make the switch?

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